Optical urethrotomy (males)

An optical urethrotomy is a procedure that is performed for the purpose of treating urethral strictures. During the procedure, a surgical tool known as a cystoscope is inserted into the urethra and guided to the location of the stricture. Your doctor will then use endoscopic tools to cut the tissue of the stricture in order to open the narrowing in the urethra. In most cases, your doctor will use the opportunity to examine the bladder during this procedure, in which case a temporary catheter may be placed in the bladder.

Urethral dilatation (females)

Urethral dilatation refers to a procedure that may be performed in women suffering from narrowing in the urethra. The procedure is performed with the intention of stretching the urethra, and restoring proper urine flow. Your doctor may perform the procedure under local anaesthetic, in which case a topical anaesthetic cream is applied before the urethra is stretched with special dilators. You may choose to undergo the procedure under general anaesthetic instead. Urethral dilatation may need to be repeated multiple times for optimal results. Your doctor may recommend self-catheterisation for further stretching of the urethra.